Sunday, August 5, 2012

5 Reasons for Hats

"Cock your hat--angles are attitudes." --Frank Sinatra. 

I'm really not sure what happened in this century, but after careful observation I've noticed something. Hats have suffered in the translation. Yes, the article of dress for both men and women that "topped it all off" from who-knows-when to the 1960s has largely disappeared, replaced by Target selections of poor excuses for fedoras, large sunhats, visors and baseball caps. What happened to the Sinatra or Bogart fedora? Where did the little hats women used to wear (which, with no brim, kind of lacked a practical purpose--aside from looking nice) go?

They disappeared. Like many of the current prevalent woes of society, I blame this one on the 1960s. But I won't get off on a rant about that now, it would take too long.

Anyway, I was going to give 5 good reasons to bring hats of the '30s, '40s and '50s variety, but it's late and I'm kind of tired. And really? Who needs an itemized list? Clearly hats had a huge hand in bringing class and put-togetherness of that era.

People who wore hats then knew how to deal with hat hair, and it didn't ruin their entire day. I know this because I watch old movies. Ignore the stylist in the background!! ;)

Men took their hats off inside, and tipped them to ladies on the street. This is a phenomenon known as "respect." It is now almost extinct because of the lack of hats and common courtesy. The feminist movement may have had something to do with this as well...

Hat checks. My paternal grandfather saw Humphrey Bogart at one in a club in L.A. Had it not been for hats, this may not have happened. Bogie would probably have blended into the crowd! (ok, ha, not.)

Who can forget the epic battle of wiles waged between Ricky and Lucy over a hat? Come on, it just had to be bought, it was the most darling thing! For women hats were part of the outfit. A hat was the finishing touch. They made the person look like they were purposefully going out on the street..not like they jumped off the couch where they were diligently downing a bag of chips to run to H-E-B...

A 1930s gangster, suave leading man or every-day working man wouldn't be complete without a sharp snap-brim fedora.

We women are always fiddling with necklaces or earrings or clothes. What comfort it would be to feel the need to reach up and gingerly adjust a hat! My goodness.

Oh. It would seem that I ended up writing 5 reasons. Oops.

Well, I am off to finish the family movie night that has been underway for the duration of the creation of this post. Tonight's pick? That great American classic..."Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs." (I have little sisters who have not yet reached the age of appreciation of the b&w movies.)

Till I feel inspired to post again...


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Kaitlin said...

My mom wrote a cute post a while ago about hats:

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Long live fashionable
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