Thursday, February 14, 2013

Olivia is back online

As I haven't posted since August, I feel that a little bit of catch-up may be in order. I have recently been inspired to get back into the blogging game by a number of things...a new-found love of BBC television shows that I simply have to talk (read: fangirl) about non-stop, reconnecting with Nana lots of thoughts, new developments in life, Les Miserables, the journey to driving solo, school, friends, happenings, Texas, 1940s, sewing...well, you  get the picture.

All of the above may or may not be the reason for my extended absence from the world of Blogger.

Pinterest may also have had a strong hand in this.

And Twitter.

And Netflix and Facebook. 

*Shame face.*


Senior year. I honestly never believed I would make it this far, though I didn't ever really have an alternative in mind. But I am at the brink of adulthood, freedom and enormous responsibility. While I am planning on living at home for however long I feel led to, I am looking with trepidation and excitement towards what is around the bend. We shall see what Teaching certificate? Job? All options are open.

 I am enjoying the actual school work of this year (except the math. Always except the math)--most of which is quite voluntary and not required, since I actually have enough credits to graduate--and I love the class of people I spend time with every week. We don't always agree on the fundamentals, but the fact that we're all able to remain friends and get along is a real delight. 

New Interests

The BBC. Downton Abbey, Sherlock, Doctor Who....I'm loving all of them. British television, even the "corniest" has masses more substance than American. As they say--Britain produced a magical channel (the BBC) full of magical shows (Sherlock, Dr. Who, Downton Abbey, etc)...and all America could seem to come up with was 'Honey Boo-Boo' and 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians.' 

I must say, this Pinterest thing has helped in the therapy following the end of S2 of Sherlock. I am glad to know that I am not the only victim of the psychological phenomenon known as "Moffat Trauma." (Trauma experienced at the merciless hand of the televised writings of Steven Moffat.)

Les Miserables 

After seeing the play when it came through town last year, and hearing all my friends talk about the movie soon to premiere, anticipation began to build within me. After seeing this film, I was completely sold, and am now an enormous fanatic. The story is an amazing one of redemption and legalism vs grace, I would have never guess that those actors could carry a tune, and Eddie Redmayne has ruined my life. I have always been known to my family as a "robot," never crying at key emotional parts of films---but I seem to have been cured of this insensitivity during the course of this 3-hour movie. My face was basically converted into a waterfall. That's a piece of golden cinema right there.


Let's just start this by saying that driving in Texas is a challenge. Driving in my hometown is absolutely terrifying. The ratio of smart drivers to dumb drivers is just a little on the unfavorably-weighted side...and the freeway? Sometimes I wonder about the IQ and critical thinking of some of those engineers involved in the creation of our roads. 

Other and Miscellaneous 

Well, in this topic....not sure what I could say! I still teach/play violin, I'm still single (though just lately coming to the full realization that I'm content with it--right now. More to come), still homeschooled, still fiercely Texan, still an Anglophile (interesting mix, I know), still Mexican, still in love with chocolate and coffee--still me.

However, I am looking forward to a life that is more disciplined and includes more blogging! I have missed it dearly, however it may have looked by my absence on this blog.


Brianna Wachter said...

-no therapy like Pinterest to the broken hearted Sherlock fan

-British TV has turned me into a crier (me, the unromantic one!).

-you're a Senior, too? My experiences has been that it is equal parts of terrifying and exciting.

-looking forward to driving but not to facing the DC roads...Texas sound almost as scary as DC...

...and of course, couldn't be more thrilled that Lucie is back and as awesome as ever.


Marian said...

BBC series sure make the school year better, don't they? Except for the sad endings...we just finished Downton Abbey S3 today (as if Sherlock weren't enough trauma).

Glad to see you back, and hope your senior year is a good one!!

Liza Morales said...

Still think of you as Lucie in my head, but that's okay since now we're "the Morales girls" and that's pretty awesome and more than makes up for my inability to think of you as "Olivia." :P

…Pinterest is also wonderful therapy for hopeless romantics and broken hearted Downton fans

…I'm currently at home enjoying an "in between" season, also excited about the Lord's plans for me. Right now I'm an aide at our church preschool and loving every minute

…math is horrid.

…sad how different British TV is from American TV. Good thing we're not stuck with our own garbage.

…Les Miserables movie was INCREDIBLE. I loved the show for years before, and the film blew me away. I've seen it three times, and we preordered the DVD (yes, I'm obsessed) Ditto the Eddie stuff. And the third time I saw the film, I dissolved into an embarrassing puddle during the finale and sobbed uncontrollably through ALL the credits. I AM A SAP. Hadn't cried that hard since Branson lost his Sybil.

…I got my license in September, and have enjoyed the freedom (as have my sisters :P) Good thing our little home town is conducive to young drivers. Not much traffic, easy roads, no crazy highways

So glad we're back in touch, and hope you stick around for a while in the blogging world *grin*

the other Morales girl

Olivia said...

@Nana: I am right there with you about senior year...and yes, I have reached that ancient age of almost being done with High School. Certainly took long enough! ;) I remember thinking that the
DC streets looked absolutely terrifying...definitely don't envy you!

@Marian: I watched it yesterday as I'm still feeling depressed. I actually thought "I need to go watch something happier, like 'Reichenbach Fall.'" Yeah.

@Other Morales Girl:That's awesome! You're better than I if you are able to spend lots of time with preschoolers...kudos to you! I am so glad that they air the BBC here...wouldn't live without it. I cried at both the end of Les Mis and when Branson lost many feels. ;) Congrats on your license! I can. not. wait. to taste that freedom. :P